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Birthdate:Mar 15, 1988
My name is Jeffrey. I study computer science and philosophy at University of Illinois–Springfield. I’m a shy, sensitive, and curious person.

You may find me on the Freenode IRC network as ‘hyperreal’.

Interests (115):

academia, adam smith, algorithms, american history, analytic philosophy, anthropology, applied ethics, arch linux, arthur schopenhauer, artificial intelligence, assembly language, austrian economics, bash, benjamin franklin, bioware, british history, capitalism, chinese history, civil rights, classical liberalism, cognitive science, comedy, computer programming, computing, computing history, constructive empiricism, continental philosophy, data structures, david hume, debian, dragon age, eastern philosophy, economics, education, elder scrolls, emacs, emacs lisp, epistemology, ethics, european history, free culture, free software, freebsd, freenode, functional programming, geeks, gentoo linux, gnu, hacker culture, hegel, hellenic philosophy, high fantasy, history, humanism, humor, husserl, immanuel kant, irc, j.s. mill, japanese history, jeremy bentham, john rawls, keynesian economics, language, latin, leibniz, less wrong, liberalism, linguistics, linux, lisp, logic, logic puzzles, marxism, mass effect, mathematical philosophy, medieval fantasy, mental health, metaphysics, microsoft dotnet, minecraft, nerds, open source, openbsd, operating systems, overcoming bias, pc gaming, philosophy, political philosophy, political theory, post-keynesian economics, programming languages, psychology, python, rationality, retro computing, retro gaming, roleplaying games, ruby, scheme, science, science fiction, scientific realism, set theory, shell scripting, skyrim, social justice, social philosophy, socialism, spinoza, thomas jefferson, ubuntu, unix, video games, wittgenstein
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