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2015-10-13 01:43 pm

HTML email

HTML email is an abomination and should be put to sleep. Its only use is for advertisers to spam the hell out of your inbox. It takes up more disk space than is necessary. You don't need HTML to convey a simple message to someone. In the possible (but very rare) event that it is necessary, send the HTML file as an attachment so the recipient could then open it in a web browser. Save bandwidth and disk space; say *no* to HTML email.
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2015-09-03 01:07 pm
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A Social Opportunity

I plan to attend an event for computer science students at school next Tuesday. I've taken the first step, which was my decision to attend. The next step would be to talk myself into not talking myself out of going. The third step would be showing up. The fourth step - which is the most difficult - would be staying there for a reasonable time and interacting with other humans face-to-face.